Natural Environment and Waste Reduction & Recycling

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Be a critical friend of the Council waste strategy team, to help to achieve the existing goals and to press for more ambitious ones.


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The reduction, repair, reuse and recycling of household and business materials, with an emphasis on waste associated with food.


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Current Projects
  1. Campaign for the Council to adopt the London Environment Strategy target for 65% recycling of household and business waste by 2030.

  2. Campaign for food waste recycling to be provided on all estates in the borough and for flats above shops as a matter of urgency, given that 80% of people in street properties recycle dry materials but only 30% recycle food waste.

  3. Campaign for supplying a pack (with diagrams and in all the main languages) to new residents that will provide information on waste categories, getting bins, bags and boxes, reusing household goods, recycling bulky waste, and the Hornsey Road Centre.

  4. Campaign for the recycling of wrapping plastics in all Islington supermarkets by 2023.

  5. Advocate home textile collection.

  6. Lobby government.

  7. Respond to consultations.

  8. Organise for residents an exhibition of techniques for waste reduction and recycling.

  9. Oppose the construction and commissioning of a new, larger, incinerator in Edmonton, given that 60% of black bag waste could be recycled.