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Actions by the Council planning team following our initiatives

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18 April 2023

Robert Milne

In several papers on different topics we have been encouraging the Council to remove from the urban planning system obstacles to improving buildings in response to climate change. The Council planning team is now putting in place plans that respond to some of our papers and could help to make retrofitting easier.

Launching the Climate Emergency Conservation Area Toolkit


6 December 2022

Chris Procter

The Climate Emergency Conservation Area Toolkit provides up-to-date information and advice about retrofitting buildings in conservation areas, by looking at roof extensions, rear projections, solar panels, windows, external walls and shopfronts. A detailed example, of the Cross Street conservation area in Islington, shows how it can be applied.

Seeing how to stop waste here

25 September 2022

Caz Royds

About three hundred people came to Union Chapel on Sunday 25 September 2022 for the ”Waste Stops Here!” exhibition that we organised with support from Islington Council to show the local possibilities for the circular economy. The activities ranged from swapping clothes through seeing reusable fashion to trying novel foods.

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An open letter to all Islington Councillors

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16 September 2022

David Twine

We have made various proposals to Islington Council for extra activities in the Net Zero Carbon programme. The open letter informs Councillors about some of these and seeks their leadership in ensuring that the Council works effectively with the community to reduce the carbon emissions outside its direct control.

The next steps after the Council public meeting on Net Zero Carbon

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4 April 2022

David Twine

We were among the organisations that attended the Islington Council third annual special scrutiny meeting on the Net Zero Carbon programme. Afterwards in a document for the Council we gave our views on steps forward from the meeting, emphasising the need to enlist the public in developing and implementing the programme.

Introducing the Islington Climate Centre

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26 March 2022

Lauren Boyce

The Islington Climate Centre is to be a lively hub for local community groups and residents who want to address the impact of the changing climate on Islington. Throughout the year it is to offer lots of events where you can swap ideas and things, practice making and mending, see films and displays, talk and listen.

Manifesto suggestions

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17 November 2021

Helena Farstad

Through constructive challenge and input we aim to assist Islington Council in developing and implementing the Net Zero Carbon programme. Much depends on leadership by the Councillors, who can build on the public knowledge of climate change. Accordingly we suggested items for the party manifestos in the 2022 council elections.

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