Launching the Climate Emergency Conservation Area Toolkit


24 October 2022

Chris Procter

The Climate Emergency Conservation Area Toolkit provides updated guidance about retrofitting buildings in conservation areas. A detailed example, of the Cross Street Conservation Area in Islington, shows how it can be applied.

UK housing, including that within Conservation Areas, will need retrofitting to achieve climate mitigation and adaptation. The Climate Emergency Retrofit Guide of the Low Energy Transformation Initiative (LETI) estimates that heritage or architectural constraints involve 25% of all UK homes. It focusses on retrofitting the 75% of homes that are not so constrained. The Climate Emergency Conservation Area Toolkit looks at how to retrofit the remaining 25%. We urge politicians and policymakers are to use it in facilitating and accelerating the decarbonisation of the UK housing stock. When issued by the Architects Climate Action Network (ACAN) it will be available to download from this site.