Sustainable & Affordable Energy and Green Economy


Identify opportunities for the Council, businesses and trade unions to lead on green job creation, support high streets and local businesses in community wealth building, campaign against companies threatening the local economy and wellbeing, and support the development of sustainable and affordable energy.


National and local opportunities that can provide energy sustainably and affordably for Islington businesses, community groups and workers. 

Current Projects
  1. Encourage the Council to develop a vision of a sustainable high street and green retailing that encourages community connection.

  2. Encourage the Council to lead by example in its sustainable procurement strategy and wider business investment support.

  3. Work with the Council to strengthen low impact sustainable deliveries and oppose the development of harmful online delivery hubs.

  4. Campaign on community wealth building and support for local businesses.

  5. Building household awareness of the impacts of buying from digital retailers.

  6. Work with Islington Sustainability Network and green energy providers to encourage local organisations and residents to switch to zero carbon energy sources.