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Main focus
  • Enhance the Council strategies for how things are transported and journeys are made.

Key phrases
  • Liveable neighbourhood.

  • Stub and kerbside use.

  • Active travel.

  • Public and shared transport.

  • Delivery and servicing.

  • Electric vehicle.

  • Low traffic.

  • Clean air.

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Current projects
  1. Provide information for the freight plan on distribution hubs with cargo bikes or electric vans by determining success and failure factors, suitable locations, coverage areas and emission reductions.

  2. Develop specific improvements in local freight operations.

  3. Examine experience elsewhere on how to encourage vehicle sharing with such means as purchase subsidies, different ownership models (for clubs, rentals and subscriptions) and lower fees or greater availability (of chargers, vehicle bays and road lanes).

  4. Work towards the creation of the walking and cycling plan, by (for example) finding places for greener uses (such as parklets, seats, hedges, trees, cycle hangars and shared vehicle bays) and access improvements (such as footway repairs, tactile surfaces and raised crossings).

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