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Decarbonise the transport system by re-thinking commuting, delivery and travel in an inner-city environment.

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Active travel, public transport, resource sharing and vehicle electrification.

The transition to electric vehicles (EVs) is vital, but we aspire for Islington to be healthy, safe, clean, green and car free.

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Current Projects
  1. Press for the adjustment of parking charges to discourage the use of large private vehicles and encourage the use of light EVs only.

  2. Examine how car club membership can be made more attractive than car ownership.

  3. Investigate whether on-demand community buses could bring public transport to the front door sustainably.

  4. Investigate whether EV charger rollout will match demand from able and disabled drivers.

  5. Assess the use of computer-aided mapping in public discussions to pinpoint problems and devise solutions in liveable neighbourhoods.